Seasonal Clean-Up

Our Seasonal Clean-Up Services in Van Buren

Embrace the seasons with our landscape services. From Spring Renewal’s vibrant clean-up to Summer Refresh’s meticulous upkeep, and Embracing the Fall Change’s leaf clearing, we ensure year-round vitality. Winter Readiness prepares your space for the cold, safeguarding plants. Experience a thriving landscape in every season.

Spring Renewal

As winter melts away, our spring-clean up breathes new life into your surroundings. We target accumulated debris, fallen leaves, and overgrown vegetation, to unveil the vibrant potential of your landscape. We meticulously prune shrubs, prep flowerbeds, and assess the overall health of your greenery, setting the stage for a colorful and thriving garden for the growing seasons.

Summer Refresh

In the heat of summer, maintaining a pristine landscape requires expertise and care. Our summer clean-up service focuses on preserving your property’s allure by trimming hedges, mowing with precision, and controlling weed growth. We ensure that your outdoor haven remains an oasis of relaxation and visual delight.

Embracing the Change of Fall

As leaves begin to fall and nature prepares for its annual transformation, our autumn clean-up service embraces the enchantment of the season. We clear fallen foliage, preparing your landscape for the colder months ahead.

Winter Readiness

Facing winter’s challenges head-on is essential to maintaining a healthy landscape. Our Winter Clean-Up service involves careful preparation for the colder months. We clear debris, apply protective mulch, and safeguard plants from harsh weather conditions. By tending to these crucial details, we ensure that your landscape remains resilient, ready to burst forth with vitality when spring emerges.

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Grounded Lawn & Landscaping exceeded my expectations! They turned my yard into a beautiful oasis. Highly recommend their professional expertise!

Pamela Delamater

They have consistently shown up, and never missed an appointment. I really liked their work, and I totally recommend them to anyone who wants a great yard!

Brian Stilson

There work ethic and respect were impressive! Professional, attentive, and meticulous in every detail for my flowerbed. Highly recommended!

Carol Williams