Lawn Care Service

Our Lawn Care Services in Van Buren

Elevate your Van Buren property with our exceptional lawn care services. Our precise approach includes meticulous mowing using the Grasshopper 329B, ensuring a lush and healthy lawn. Beyond cutting, we focus on trimming and edging for a refined appearance, and thorough clean-up leaves your Van Buren landscape immaculate. Experience comprehensive lawn care that enhances the beauty of your property in every detail.


Using our trusted Grasshopper 329B and the best techniques for a clean cut & healthy thriving lawn, we create a meticulously manicured lawn that showcases the beauty of your property.


An underrated compliment to mowing, trimming is a slight adjustment that goes a long way in cleaning up your property.


Defining your borders & edges can be a major compliment to mowing & when done correctly, transform the look of your lawn completely.

Blowing Off

Cleaning up is just as important as cutting it! We ensure that every area is cleaned up to look better than it was before we got there.

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Grounded Lawn & Landscaping exceeded my expectations! They turned my yard into a beautiful oasis. Highly recommend their professional expertise!

Pamela Delamater

They have consistently shown up, and never missed an appointment. I really liked their work, and I totally recommend them to anyone who wants a great yard!

Brian Stilson

There work ethic and respect were impressive! Professional, attentive, and meticulous in every detail for my flowerbed. Highly recommended!

Carol Williams